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Be Frugal Shop and Save & Save Up To 40%!

When you get to be my age (85) you look for ways to cut down on the cost of living.

Living on Social Security Benefits just does not cover the cost of living.

  Because of age and health, my wife and I are confined to
our home so all orders are shipped to us FREE!!

That alone saves us about $25 per month in cost of fuel.

We save up to 15% just on our grocery bill per month.


John & Marie Dudley
I am 85, she is 75
On October 15, we celebrated our 58th anniversary.

For over 12 years she has been confined to her bed or recliner.
She lives in constant pain due to spinal arthritis.
She needs a new hospital bed, a new recliner, mobility scooter.
Just recently she almost fell off the front porch and now we need a wheel chair ramp.
Living on SS Benefits just does not cover the cost of living.

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Every thing on this page will help us to earn extra income to supplement our SS Benefits.  Marie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.